Life Entertainment [ 여가오락  ]

 We are a property investment company that sources a wide range of property including student accommodation investments, high yield property such as hotel rooms and buy-to-let investments for people looking for income producing investments.

We are approachable and informed. Unlike many other property investment companies, we love sharing our expert knowledge to help you take empowering decisions with confidence and ease. Our property specialists have been in business for at least a decade and have a wealth of information to share, whether you’re a first time investor or a property connoisseur.

GM. Son kiho

Sazanka Spa & massage

사잔카 스파 

Heath care spa service

Asok at Bangkok

GM. Song Chan woo

Tycoon Tour

타이쿤 투어

Travel agent service

thonglor at Bangkok

GM. Son kiho

illionair club Loung

일리온에어 클럽 라운지 

Club loung service

Ekamai at Bangkok